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Author: Aram Pachyan

Translators: Nazareth Seferian, Nairi Hakhverdi, Arevik Ashkharoyan, Nyree Abrahamian, and Lusine Mueller

Robinson is the first book by Aram Pachyan, which earned him the highest governmental award in Armenia, The Presidential Prize for Literature.

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Robinson is the first book by Aram Pachyan, which earned him the highest governmental award in Armenia, The Presidential Prize for Literature. The volume is made up of 16 short stories; each story is like a small but sharp painting of various characters. The faces in these paintings look very familiar, like someone you know, or someone hiding deep inside you. An inescapable loneliness of people in the modern world is the main topic of the stories by Pachyan.

This book was published with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia under the “Armenian Literature in Translation” Programme.



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Aram Pachyan is an acclaimed writer of the new generation who has won several awards and prizes, including the honorable Presidential Prize for Literature in Armenia. His first novel, Goodbye, Bird – also available in English from Glagoslav – became a national bestseller in 2012 and is still at the top of the charts for bestselling literature in Armenia. Composer Aram Hovhannisyan used Pachyan’s unpublished pieces to create a musical piece “Pachyan Fragments,” which was performed in the US in 2015. Based on Aram’s novel Goodbye, Bird, the play “I Am a Vegetarian” was staged by the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art in Armenia while the opera “Goodbye, Bird” is in the development stage in Munich, Germany, by Art Concept International Association.

Pachyan was born on March 19, 1983 in Vanadzor, Armenia into a family of medical professionals. From 1999 to 2004 he studied at the law department of Yerevan State University. His work was published for the first time in 2007, and later his stories were printed in various local literary periodicals and literary magazines. Recently he worked as a journalist and columnist for the Hraparak newspaper, as well as hosted a radio program. He was a writer in residence at Fall Residency of International Writing Program of the University of Iowa, USA in 2018 and at Villa Waldberta, Munich, Germany in 2019.

Endorsements and Review Quotes

“This is a collection of 16 stories that seem to capture what it is like growing up in Armenia and also the loneliness of modern life. The title story is a nod to the ultimate tale of being alone that of Robinson Crusoe. A series of letters between Robinson and Friday that then leads to children and their teacher. This gives the tale of being alone a modern twist.” Winstonsdad’s Blog

“The reader closes the book and thanks God for his own good fortune. Somewhere in Armenia a little Aram, now grown up, writes wonderfully sorrowful books and one hopes, no longer suffers quite so much.” Christopher Atamian, The Armenian Mirror-Spectator

Robinson “is a look at loneliness in the modern world.” Winstonsdad’s Blog


Aram Pachyan


120 pages

Publication date

11th June 2020

Book Format

Hardcover, Paperback, EPUB, Kindle, PDF

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