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The Lawyer from Lychakiv Street


Author: Andriy Kokotiukha

Translator: Yuri Tkacz

In 1908, a young Kyivan, Klym Koshovy miraculously flies the coop and escapes from persecution by tsarist police to Lviv.

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In 1908, a young Kyivan, Klym Koshovy miraculously flies the coop and escapes from persecution by tsarist police to Lviv. However, even here he is arrested – near the corpse of a well-known local lawyer, Yevhen Soyka. The deceased had dubious friends and powerful enemies in the city. Suicide or murder? The search for truth leads Koshovy through the dark labyrinths of Lviv’s streets. On his way – facing daring pickpockets, criminal kingpins and Russian terrorist bombers. And Klym is constantly getting in the way of the police commissioner Marek Wichura. The truth will stun Klym, and his new loyal friend Jozef Shatsky. It will forever change the fate of the enigmatic and influential beauty Magda Bohdanovych.



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Andriy Kokotiukha (b. 1970) is a Ukrainian author, screenwriter and journalist. Having graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, he has authored more than 50 novels, children’s books, crime fiction, documentaries and science fiction books. His novels have been made into films. He is a winner of several prestigious literary awards for many of his works.


Endorsements and Review Quotes

“[The plot] is complicated, with various twists and turns, numerous red herrings and a fair sprinkling of dead bodies. Klym’s search for the truth leads him into all sorts of dangers and adventures, facing pickpockets, the Lviv underworld and even terrorists. I found it an atmospheric and compelling novel and, in spite of its unfamiliar landscape and convoluted narrative, a really satisfying read.” Mandy Jenkinson, Historical Novel Society

Klym’s “logic and deduction are very cleverly thought out and portrayed and, as with Sherlock Holmes, he is always one step (if not more) ahead of the police. There is, of course, a long, complicated clever plot with red herrings, traps and various dead bodies as even our hero is (slightly) misled.” The Modern Novel


Andriy Kokotiukha

Book Format

Hardcover, Paperback, EPUB, Kindle, PDF

Publication date

16th November 2020


258 pages

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