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Dress Up your Home!


Authors: Olena Polkovska, Veronika Zubko

Translator: Svitlana Kravets

This book is about developing a personal relationship with the home.


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Do you have a strong feeling that your house does not bring you happiness, but adds worries? Do you feel dissatisfied with it? Do you want to makeover your house and make it cozier without major renovation and spending a fortune but do not know where to start? Then this book is for you!

Developing relations with your home is a process, and this book will become a friend, a companion, an expert who will guide you step by step through this exciting way.

The book includes:

    • Checklists of necessary things by zones and rooms.
    • Shopping lists of: niche décor stores, furniture and the best manufacturers: from the mass market to single Instagram accounts. You will find out what and where to buy for the house, and most importantly – why?
    • A clear algorithm of changes in the house with an adjustment to our realities.
    • Tips on how to change the mood in the house without renovation.
    • The basics of decorating.
    • Stop lists and a strict “no” in the arrangement of the house.
    • The rituals.
    • On developing a relationship with vintage.
    • Understandable Feng Shui.
    • Setting the table for every day and a basic set for home decor.
    • Practical methods of working with art in the interior.
    • Rules of order, comfort and harmony.
    • Life hacks and tips from interior stylists.
    • A paradigm shift, #flowersasabasicneed.
    • Lots of inspiration.
    • Instruction on how to understand that your house is outdated.
    • The concept of personal boundaries in the house and much more.



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Veronika Zubko, Olena Polkovska

If you condense our entire biography to the most important thing, one line will remain – “Ukrainians”. In the last six months, it seems that the whole world has heard about our country, but it is a pity that it is in this very light! After all, we have a lot to be proud of: service, delivery, startups, bright eyes of young people, hospitality…

So how good that this book is in your hands right now! We thought we were writing it about the HOME, but in fact it was about ourselves. Ukrainians are always striving for change and development, so the first thing they try to arrange in a new way is the space around them. Our people are brave, so the solutions for housing (or book titles) are often chosen the same. We are persistent, so we can spend weeks looking for a little thing for a perfectly finished interior.

We respect the past and traditions: almost every housewife has towels and plates handed down from her great-grandmother waiting for its time in her cupboard. Ukrainians have character! – our apartments, respectively, too. Even if we don’t have the budget to make it “expensive”, we will make it “heartily” from sticks and stones. And if suddenly there are no such things – the neighbors will borrow. Because Ukrainians are mutual help.

However, our most important skill is to always be on the lookout – there is a popular saying for a reason: “My house is on the edge, I am the first to meet the enemy.” We are ready for something new, for experiments, for starting from scratch. We have started over so many times so that we have learned to rebuild our HOME easily, like a phoenix bird rising from the ashes. We hope that our book will be able to open the door to a real Ukrainian home.

Endorsements and Review Quotes

“This book is a real inspiration! Its exquisite simplicity, amazing tips, irony and ease of narration will add coziness not only to your home, but also to life! Tested on myself!” Olena Kravets

“Thanks to this book, you will learn how to ‘change’ your own house or rented apartment, creating room for creativity, wealth and happiness!” Natalia Kholodenko

“The modern world of achievements and the propaganda of constant busyness robs many people of their inner right to have time for themselves, time to recharge. A favorite cup, a cozy chair, a family dinner from grandma’s dinnerware set, and in the evening – dim light, candles, quiet music, and sweet goodnight kisses from our children – these things help us stop for a moment, feel happy, and be filled with inspiration for a new day. A house without charisma is like a state institution, cold and inexpressive. I wish there were fewer such interiors, and more happy women.” Tetyana Klevytska


Olena Polkovska, Veronika Zubko


280 pages

Publication date

15th December 2022

Book Format

Hardcover, Paperback, PDF

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