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Poetin (Dutch Edition)


Author: Lyudmila Boyadzhieva

Translators: Annelies de Hertogh and Els de Roon Hertoge.

Elected for the third term in March 2012, Russia’s President is by far one of the most influential and mysterious politicians in the world.


Elected for the third term in March 2012, Russia’s President is by far one of the most influential and mysterious politicians in the world.

Regardless of the keen attention Vladimir Putin has been receiving worldwide, a proper edition of his biography is hard to find. Putin is a deep and personal account of the President’s life, created as a result of the authors’ careful investigation that took place over the period of six years. To gather facts, Chris Hutchins traveled across Russia and met with everyone who had known Putin prior to his rapid rise in politics, from those who knew him as a child and teenager to people who remembered him as a young intelligence service officer. The author’s sources shed much light on Putin’s life: for example, as far back as 2005 they predicted the major events in Putin’s political career, including his stint at Russia’s Vice-President from 2008 and his return as president in 2012.

Nevertheless, in this book, the authors strove to create a biography of a person first and foremost, and only then of a politician. They wanted to highlight what makes Vladimir Putin laugh and shed a tear, what his friends and his wife think of him, how rich he actually is and what he really thinks about oligarchs. Two famous journalists, Chris Hutchins and Alexander Korobko answer these and many other questions, and lift the veil of secrecy that surrounds Vladimir Putin.




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Chris Hutchins is a famous journalist with years of experience in established British media such as Daily ExpressToday and The Sunday Mirror. Hutchins publishes several biographies of famous people, including the ones that shed light on the mysteries of Great Britain’s Royal family, the Onassis dynasty, Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich and The Beatles.

Alexander Korobko is a Russian journalist and television producer, currently living in Moscow. Korobko works as a reporter in USA, Canada, UK. Today, Korobko owns a TV channel Russian Hour TV.

Alexander Korobko co-authored the famous biography of Vladimir Putin. In one of his interviews, Korobko mentioned that his main goal is to “ensure adequate interpretation of Russian reality” in the course of his investigation that became the foundation of Putin.

Review Quotes

“Het boek geeft een fascinerend beeld van een van de meest turbulente perioden uit de jongste geschiedenis: de ineenstorting van de Sovjet-Unie en, in het kielzog daarvan, van het hele Sovjetimperium in Oost-Europa, maar ook van de worsteling van het nieuwe Rusland om aansluiting te vinden bij de moderne wereld. Dit alles wordt geschetst aan de hand van de carrière van Poetin.” Huub Bartman, Literair Nederland

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Chris Hutchins and Alexander Korobko

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Paperback, EPUB, Kindle, PDF


440 pages

Publication date

29th October 2014

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